Social Media Marketing

Whether your business is selling online, offline or both, most of your audience is online and we know how to reach them. 

With over two years experience, 30+ clients and marketing awards, we’re experts in conveying your brand’s story to the people who are most interested in it. 

Our tried-and-tested social media marketing strategy has helped numerous companies, from Ireland and abroad, to increase their reach, grow their revenue and expand their business. 


We manage content creation & posting, post boosting, advertising, lead generation, brand awareness, reviews, website/store sales and more – all from Facebook.


Instagram is about good looks and driving engagement – we take care of both of these.
It can be used to show your brands highlights, promote new products or special events, and grow your customer base organically. You can also engage with your competitors customers directly. 


Promote your professional services & products to audiences targeted by degree, place of work, industry, years of experience and more, with LinkedIn’s revolutionary advertising platform. Deliver sponsored content and InMails straight into the inboxes of interested customers.

Examples of our Social Media Work

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